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TERMS OF AGREEMENT for Guests of the Kauai BeacH House Hostel, LLC

Aloha to the guests of the Kauai BeacH House Hostel, LLC,  If you are reserving an accommodation (a private room, or a bed in a shared dorm or any other accommodation), but your reservation was made on another web site other than our own, e.g., an “outside booking agency” often called Online Travel Agencies, like Hostel.com , or Expedia or Travelocity, etc., your reservation is tentative and needs to be completed, that is, confirmed with us, and this, our Terms of Agreement, you need to agree to. You can print the receipt for your confirmed reservation. For those guests who have prepaid  an upfront or advance partial fee to an “outside booking agent” or company (e.g., a hotel or hostel booking company) the balance shown and what we charge takes into account what you have paid already to them so that you will not be charged twice.

Please take note that because 40% to 60% of our guests Extend their stay with us on Kauai to see more and enjoy more of this Kauai paradise, that at any time you wish you can on your own device (laptop or phone), or on our computer in our Reception Room, extend your stay by personally going onto our web site (www.KauaiBeacHHouse.NET) and click on the RESERVE Tab and extend your current reservation by just making a new additional reservation. Our computer is available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (or 23:00 international hours) for your convenience without need for our staff to help you; so you may quickly reserve without delay and go on immediately enjoying your stay on Kauai. However, our staff is available to help you from at least 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. to make an online reservation.

Please keep in mind that we are a very small travel business relying on the High or Busy Seasons to carry us through the Low or Quiet Seasons (though our rates are the same all year round; we do not raise our rates on you during the High or Busy Season); so please be sure of your dates of stay before you book a reservation; because  your reservation will immediately result in the blocking of the accommodation you choose, and also it will block any other guest(s) from taking your chosen date(s) and accommodation(s). If you should cancel your reservation or not show up for your reservation, your empty accommodation would cause us to lose needed revenue to operate our small business year round and precludes others from enjoying an affordable stay with us here on the edge of the Blue Lagoon on the beautiful tropical, warm island of Kauai.

On arrival we will ask you to register and sign in as a guest by each of you reading and agreeing to our House Rules, etc., and filling out some personal contact information for yourself, and to provide us an emergency contact for you and pay for your accommodation in advance, if you have not paid online already.  We believe all of our rules are reasonable and are important to ensure the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of the Kauai BeacH House Hostel, LLC by all of our guests.  We do not tolerate DRUGS, DRUNKS, or DRAMA by anyone. Even if someone has a medical license or permit to smoke marijuana it is still a drug and against the law for others to use, much less the fact that many people do not want to breathe 2nd hand smoke of any kind. There is no smoking of marijuana, or anything else anywhere on the property, premises, or buildings. There are plenty open air spaces away from our hostel premises, and nearby to the hostel, for those requiring prescribed marijuana medication, or smoking anything else.  

There is tobacco smoking permitted only in our hostel entertainment lounge by the road, at the front of the Beach House premises, but only up to 9:30pm, at that time smokers must go out to the parking apron in front by the road, or out by the lagoon in back, and be downwind from from the non-smoking guests; however no smoking of any kind is allowed in or on the buildings, or on, or in its many decks, rooms, bathrooms, patios, garden area, dorms, BBQ, or sofa and couch areas, of 3rd floor view Lanai.

If the wind is blowing the smoke into the BBQ, picnic, or garden area…then smoking must be done sufficiently off the property to not be smelled by others and that is the state law.

Please note that we are blessed with the year round Pacific TradeWind breezes that conveniently blow from the North East and provide us with the world’s cleanest air coming off thousands of miles of open ocean. These Trade Winds blow off of the ocean and clean and bathe the hostel with fresh air for all the guests 24 hours a day and about 350 days a year. A few days a year the wind blows from the opposite direction.

However, these prevailing Tradewinds only blow about 95% of the year, and at other times the winds are “still” and not moving, or blow from the other direction, the South East, and are called by their Hawaiian name, “Kona”. Kona Winds unfortunately can blow smoke from some of our surrounding open-air areas into the hostel building, it’s rooms, dorms, and decks, etc., making it uncomfortable for non-smoking guests, as well as being against Hawaii State Smoking Law should smoking in an inappropriate upwind place be used for smoking. So we ask smokers to be aware of where their smoke is going.

However, after 9:30 p.m., it’s OK for guests to go out by the road in front of the entertainment lounge or other places and smoke their tobacco, or take a short walk on the Hike/Bike Path in back of the Blue Lagoon side of the hostel building to smoke.  

This smoking restriction or ban, which also serves a purpose for important fire safety, includes the also restricted use of incense, or any other lit or burning materials or embers (e.g. candles, moxibustion, smudge), none of which can be used in or on the hostel building’s decks, rooms, dorms, offices, halls, or bathrooms garden or picnic or BBQ areas. As well NO camping stove fuels are allowed in or on the building anywhere. Please ask us where to store camping stove fuels should you have that need. Any BBQ use must be of a bottled gas cylinder type of OPERATION.

The Kitchen closes at 9:30 p.m.  and re-opens at 7:00 a.m. for the sleeping comfort of our guests. Guests must clean up after themselves in all areas, and especially in the bathrooms, kitchen, and the sleeping and common areas such as the decks and BBQ and chat areas. No open food or drinks are allowed in the rooms or dorms because here in the tropics there are bugs (we call “critters”) that will come inside the building to get at your open food.

Anything requiring drying like especially swimming suits, towels, and clothing, need to be hung in the laundry drying area on the covered clotheslines in the back of the couches in the BBQ picnic tables chat area; and not on any of the railings of our decks, chairs, couches, or tables.

Mud, sand, and dirt, etc., must be hosed off your shoes, clothes, or body before entering the building or decks or showers. There are hoses available on both entry sides of the building. Sand is very damaging for the plumbing and causes blockages in the sewer line.

Things belonging to the Kauai BeacH House are not to be taken off the property for any reason. Do not leave any of your own valuables unsecured or out of your immediate control for even 1 second as the hostel is a communal setting and we obviously do not know every guest’s intentions.

Please provide us with as close as possible accurate information as to your arrival time at our LIHUE  (LIH) AIRPORT so we have an idea as to when you will arrive at the hostel, we are just 15 minutes, or 8 ½ Miles or 13 Km away from the Lihue (LIH) Airport.

We also welcome you to be a same day call-in, text-in, walk-in, or even make a same day online reservation; and this includes if you want to make an extension to your stay. Be sure to get a confirmation. Most guests extend their stay. Just give us a call at 808-652-8162 or 808-652-8163 or 808-652-8164  and we’ll assist you if necessary.

Keep in mind that most of our rates go to overhead expenses that are beyond our control, and we have no choice in those costs or matter. The money that we collect from you is technically paid out to the overhead as soon as you pay for your reservation. Taxes and credit card services will be added to the rates; and these and other costs are taken from our rates after you have paid.

For your convenience, if you inform us of extra guests staying with you in a private room or in a large bed in a dorm, we will charge your credit card or accept cash payment for their stay. Much of our rates also go to state agencies and to outside corporations and businesses; and we do not see this money as it is paid out via automatic payments in some of the below categories. As well, it is very difficult to try to get this money back from these agencies, corporations, and businesses once they are paid. Hawaii state sales (excise) tax is 4%, Hawaii state Transient Accommodation Tax is 9.25% and go to the state of Hawaii, and credit cards fees we pay to the credit card services.

For those guests using outside reservation booking agencies (e.g. HostelWorld.com, etc), costs us as much as 15%  and up to 25% of our rate. That money goes directly to these booking agencies that you may have chosen to utilize to make your reservation; we do not receive any of those monies; these booking fees are taken from our rate by those outside companies for merely electronically booking your reservation.

As well, it is a courtesy to our guests, instead of closing early at a reasonable hour at night and forcing late arriving guests to go instead to extremely expensive hotels at hundreds of dollars for a room; we remain open after 11:00pm but do charge small late check-in fees. After 11:00pm those fees go to whoever on the staff has waited up for you; the late check-in fee goes directly to the check-in person and must be paid in cash to the staff member for the late, personal service they render.

From 11:00pm to 11:30pm the fee is $10.00; and from 11:30pm to 12:00 midnight the fee is $15.00 for the check-in, not per person unless it is one person checking in. If someone has a delayed or late flight they better call us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make an even later than midnight check-in with a greater late check-in fee. Normally we do no check-in after midnight as it is disturbing to the other guests and so absolute quiet is required. Otherwise a very late check-in guest must call a 24 hour front desk at a large, expensive hotel.

Very important,  please tell others that once they find a hostel anywhere online to go directly to that hostel’s own web site online to save as much as 15% to 25%, that would instead go directly to the hostel when one plans to stay in order to pay for its upkeep, improvements, and overhead for your inevitable comfort and enjoyment, so please book directly with each hostel.

More fees also are also taken from our rates and we do not receive income from them but instead they go to what are called booking reservation coordinating companies (channel managers) and reservation booking calendar systems (PMS or Property Management Systems), and OTA’s ) Online Travel Agents)

These expenses to us mentioned above amount up to an extraordinary 33% to 41% of our rate and are taken immediately right off the top as it goes to governmental, corporate, and other business entities before we even pay our overhead business expenses.

After that is our regular overhead expenses:

We pay outrageous expensive bills for Water, Sewage, Garbage, and Electric (here in Hawaii our electric bills are the highest rates in America; especially here on Kauai where our electric bill is 400% more than San Francisco and 200% more than Honolulu, we pay 45 cents for a kilowatt hour; whereas most USA states pay 8 cents and 9 cents a kilowatt hour.

There are endless laundry expenses of (and replacement) of sheets, pillow cases, towels, and comforters along with labor costs, soap, equipment repair and upkeep and the on-going use of electric, water, and sewage; and at the same time we try to keep from raising our rates in order to remain competitive.

The expenses for housekeeping, staff, and supplies are never ending and always increasing.

We also pay numerous typical insurance policies, plus additional very high hurricane and also tsunami (tidal wave) insurance policies.

Our oceanfront location mandates high Property Taxes for our commercial property, we feel our fabulous location is worth every penny we have to pay for it as there is no other hostel in Hawaii and most of the world with a setting like ours. Enjoy it, and cherish the memories forever. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES AND SELFIES! ! !

We are also in an extremely high rent area for our lagoon / ocean waterfront location; but we are truly an exception, to be an actual lagoon front hostel in Hawaii.

Constant replacement of our kitchen’s small and large appliances due to high-use wear and tear, Hawaiian rust and keeping up on kitchen supplies, not to mention the sad loss of kitchen and cooking utensils and bedding and linens due to ungrateful campers on their way out to go camping and sometimes dishonestly take our supplies and belongings with them after a mere 1 night stay.

Since we have the constant fresh breeze of the Pacific TradeWinds coming off the lagoon and ocean we are lucky for the comfort it provides; but on the other hand, the fresh breeze of the Pacific Ocean’s TradeWinds also brings salt off the ocean 24 hours a day making all wood to be re-painted frequently;  and things that are metal require frequent painting, and replacing every few years, because that salt air causes rust deterioration. And it adds tremendously to the overhead expenses we are already burdened with by our very far away proximity (thousands of miles) from where most all of our supplies supplies come from, and various other internationally imported things come to us, like gratefully our Guests, from all parts of the world.

In addition due to the proximity to the ocean environment, we have other always ongoing building maintenance and repairs as well as gardens and grounds upkeep.

The Kauai BeacH House Hostel is a family owned 4 generation labor of love and pride of ownership devoted to the enjoyment of our Guests at our lagoon / ocean front location.  For that we are truly and warmly grateful for your staying with us. Having said that, if you cancel or do not show up for your reservation, keep in mind that we will have paid already, or will still need to pay the fees and costs stated above from our rates; and if you do not arrive for your reservation, if we were to refund to you our rate then we take a significant loss for your missing out on a fabulous stay on the Blue Lagoon and Pacific Ocean. See our Photo Galleries on our web site.

If guests notify us by phone confirmation of their need or want to cancel or re-book their dates of stay, with at least 72 hours in advance of their arrival, we are happy to move or change any or all of their dates of stay, or type of accommodation, around the calendar as best we can per space available, and you pay a re-booking fee. We have no problem with letting guests sell, trade, or giveaway their paid dates of stay to others, all these changes can be made for up to 1 year; again based on space available and a re-booking fee.

We will also try to do our best to re-accommodate guests adding nights of stay either before or after their original reservation dates; even if it is only one or more days that guests need to come in early for, or need to arrive a few days later. We are here to serve you. Some guests who cancel finally come weeks to many months later even up to a year.

As you have read we have no control over more than 30% of the cost of your reservation; nor do we usually ever see and never keep any of those monies. Otherwise, just like some airlines, we are unable to make any refunds except for the unusual rare event of a double booking caused by the channel manager services outside of our control. Although we do try to be reasonable and flexible, if we can, on an individual basis; we cannot commit to anything other than this Agreement and Policy per instructions from those making the decisions in this area. Please be sure of your dates of stay before setting your reservation.

And so we say:  

          “Welcome…E Komo Mai”

Mahalo nui loa…Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

Our web sites 2 URL’s:   www.KauaiBeacHHouse.NET      

And we also have a short domain name:    www.5Beds.com       …we created this short domain name to simplify our long domain name, but of course we have many beds and private rooms.

Email address: KBHHostel@gmail.com      or    KBHHStaff@gmail.com      

Call or Text:  808-652-8162;    808-652-8164;     808-652-8163;  and   808-652-9471

Please check this box to complete your Reservation.

I have Read, Understood, and Accept and Agree to Adhere and Follow all of the above TERMS and Requirements of this Agreement for this or any other stay at the Kauai Beach House Hostel, LLC

All Guests must sign and print their names and date.  If additional guests please list all below.

Mahalo/Thank You!

Kauai BeacH House Hostel, LLC

Print Name: ______________________________     Sign Name: ___________________________  DATE: ____________


Print Name: ______________________________     Sign Name: ___________________________  DATE: ____________


Print Name: ______________________________     Sign Name: ___________________________  DATE: ____________


Print Name: ______________________________     Sign Name: ___________________________  DATE: ____________


KBHH TERMS Rev: 1/5/2017


Our reservation desk is open from 7AM – 11PM. If you are going to arrive after 10PM, you MUST notify us via email / call in advance so we are available and ready for your check-in.

If you arrive before 1PM you can store your bags, register as a guest, use the facilities (kitchen, BBQ, decks, garden areas, bathrooms). Feel free to walk around town, hike or bike the path that runs 10 miles roundtrip along the ocean, and touches our property. If you have a rental car, you can begin your exploration of Kauai by going anywhere on the island and still be home in time for dinner.